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Planning and Installation

Hello, my name is Iain Brodie. I've been fitting IKEA kitchens in Edinburgh, Lothian and the Borders for well over 10 years and aim to give clients a comprehensive design and fitting service.

On this page, I describe the planning and ordering process, and some information on the installation.


Planning your new kitchen

Most customers contact me having planned their kitchen at IKEA Edinburgh. I will need to visit a prospective customer to check that a plan is the best for a customer and that the layout is possible in practice. I subsequently email prospective customers a comprehensive quote.

Once a plan is finalised and a customer indicates that they're happy with my quotation and want to go ahead, a start date is agreed, and I request payment of a deposit of £250. This allows me to schedule the work in my diary and to book other trades, for example electrician and plumber. I acknowledge receipt of deposits within 24 hours by email. Full payment is required after satisfactory completion of work.


Generally, a customer should order and pay for their kitchen at IKEA about two weeks prior to a start date. The main exception to this is where custom made worktops are required. In this case, 4 - 5 weeks are required. 

Planning tips

1.  The main factors to affect the cost of your IKEA kitchen are the choice of door fronts and appliances.

2. Think about the basic layout. Often, replicating the existing plan is the only realistic possibility, but sometimes another layout might be better. Perhaps try using some of the design tools on the Ikea website. Or measuring tape, pen and paper.


3. Drainage from the sink, is often the main restriction on a layout.


4. Tall units, for example for a fridge freezer, are best placed next to a side wall, to avoid blocking sight lines. 


5. Corners often aren't very convenient, however IKEA's 88 x 88cm corner unit with carousel is an excellent use of a corner space. In some spaces, two parallel runs of worktops actually gives you more accessible space.


6. Consider combining different door fronts in the same kitchen, for example, oak fronts on base units, white fronts on wall units. 


7. Think about using some glass doors on wall mounted units or some open shelving for a more varied design.

8. Tall wall units (100cm) maintain better proportions in many high-ceilinged Edinburgh properties.

9. Worktop lighting is recommended. IKEA lighting is dimmable.


10. Think of your room as a whole. Your kitchen units and worktops should complement wall colours, any tiled areas, and your choice of flooring.

11. Sometimes, appliances from other suppliers can be used. However, some cheaper products bought online are poor quality and poorly designed so that they don't fit as promised. Always buy your dishwasher from IKEA.

12. It's possible to save money on supply and on fitting by not using side panels, filler panels, lighting etc. This gives a more basic look, but is sometimes preferred in rental properties or by those on a limited budget.


IKEA Edinburgh will deliver your kitchen. I can be present to receive the delivery if a date is agreed in advance. Installation starts with my dismantling of a customer's existing kitchen. My plumber safely disconnects water and gas. On day two, my electricians fix new cabling as required. Waste disposal (your existing kitchen) is usually undertaken by my SEPA registered waste disposal contractor (or you arrange this yourself). I subsequently do all kitchen joinery myself. My plumber and electrician attend a second time towards the end of work, to reconnect water and gas, and finish electrical work. Generally, a complete installation takes 5 - 10 days.

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